In order to mitigate potential risks for companies and businesses, most employers require a Police Check prior to hiring employees.

Candidates who complete a Police Check in the pre-employment stage gain an advantage in the job market, as they are regarded as more organised, professional and eager for the position.

This will not only make you stand out from a pool of applicants but also speed up the recruitment process, which will only make the job hunt much easier.

If you are 16 years old or above, you can obtain a Police Check by lodging an application through the NSW Police. Alternatively, you can obtain a National Police History Check through InterCheck for a fast, easy, and seamless service.

Why choose InterCheck?

InterCheck Australia is a Government accredited provider with the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission Agency (ACIC). We have direct access to the National Criminal History Database. Our National Police History Certificates are recognised in all states and territories of Australia.

At InterCheck, we are reliable, affordable, and efficient. As 80% of our submissions are returned within 1-2 business days, you are able to start your new position as soon as possible. If you have any enquiries in regards to your application, our customer support team will assist you throughout the whole process. InterCheck provides full security for protecting private data and information as per our Privacy Policy.

Advantages of getting Police Check with InterCheck:

What is the difference between National Police History Certificate from Intercheck and the one from the NSW Police Station?

We use the same database as the Australian Federal/State Police and the State Police. The result issued on your Certificate will be the same that would come back from a State Police jurisdiction. The only difference is, the Police Check Certificates issued by Intercheck will have our logo on it.

When does the National Criminal History Check expire?

A National Criminal History  Certificate does not have an expiry date. It depends on your employer’s policy to determine what period of time a National Criminal History Check is acceptable.  Please check with them directly before applying for a new check. In some cases, due to legal requirements, some certain industry requires you to renew your police check after a period of time such as nursing, aged care,..

How do you know a police check is authentic?

It is best practice for employers to validate the authenticity of the police check certificates once they receive them.

If you need to validate the authenticity of a police check certificate issued by InterCheck, please go to verify page.


Need a Police Check today?

If you require a National Police History Certificate for employment or volunteer purposes today, we can help you! Our application form is accessible online and easy to complete. Should you have any queries or concerns please contact our customer support team on 1300 794 440.