Police Checks SA

If you live or work in South Australia, then you might be wondering about how to get a police check. This service is often used by businesses or not for profit organisations who want to reduce their risks in hiring. If you are looking for a job, then you might need to get a police check before you can start work. A police check provides an Australia-wide summary of a person’s criminal history. In South Australia, you can apply for a National Police Certificate from South Australia Police or a National Criminal History Record Check from an accredited ACIC agency.

Businesses and Individuals

If you run or manage a business, then you already know that replacing an employee is often a difficult and challenging task. Not only will you need to find, recruit and train a new staff member, but you will also need to put in extra time to make up for lost productivity.
Carefully screening job candidates before you bring them on board will reduce the number of potential risks that you may encounter. You can request the potential candidates to provide a national police check certificate so that you can take a close look at each potential employee’s criminal history.

In South Australia, you can obtain a Police Check from the South Australian Police. You can either download the application form online or obtain a manual application form from your local police station. To get your application processed, you are required to take your completed application form along with 100 Points of IDs to the police station. Your application will then be processed by the police.
If you require a National Criminal History Check for employment, volunteer or industry accreditation purposes, you can also apply through Intercheck. Our process is completely online and you will be kept updated on the progress of your application in real time.

Getting Started

If you require a police check for employment or volunteer purposes in SA, then don’t waste any time. 80 % of all applications are completed within one to two business days. If you want to get started, please click here or if you have any questions, contact our customer support at 1300-794-440.