National Police Checks in Western Australia:

Most businesses across Australia today expect their employees to undergo a National Police Check. It helps them protect their organisations from unnecessary risks from the get-go. If you’re based in Western Australia and need to acquire a police check – whether for a job or a licence application, then you probably have a few questions about this process: what sort of information is included, for instance, or how long it takes to get one. In this article, we’ll provide you with the basic information you need to know about obtaining a national police check in Western Australia, so this process becomes simpler for you!

What will be released in my Western Australia Police Checks Certificate?

A National Police Certificate discloses records of any criminal and traffic convictions that you might have across all  Australian states and territories. Notably, it also includes details of pending charges, which are any unresolved charges before Australian courts.
In Western Australia, your criminal record will provide a basic description of any offence that you have been convicted for, along with the date of the conviction and the sentence or penalty you received.


Can I use National Police History Checks issued by InterCheck for Licence Applications for the Department of Commerce WA?

Yes, absolutely. National Police History Checks issued by InterCheck are accepted by the Department. If you require consumer protection licences and registrations in Western Australia in the following industries:

Licence applications must generally be accompanied by an Australian police check for all individuals associated with the application. Police checks must be issued in the individual’s full legal name. For more information on how to apply for those licenses, please head to the WA Department of Commerce. If you wish to get a Police Clearance to support your application, please click here

How long do offences stay on my record?

Offences will remain on your record unless they are “spent”. However, even if you have a conviction or convictions that are spent, these and any other convictions will show up when your record is being considered by the police or a criminal court.
A criminal court may take all offences, including those that are spent, into account when dealing with you in court. If you want to know more about the spent conviction scheme, you can read more on the Western Australian Police website.

How to obtain a police check in Western Australia

In Western Australia, you can not apply for your national police certificate through WA police station. You have to either apply online or through Australia Post.
Alternatively, you can apply through Intercheck and the process will be 100% online.

National Police Checks for volunteers can be obtained at a reduced rate if you require them for voluntary or work placement purposes. The price currently is at $29.00 including GST for a volunteer police check.
If you require a National Police Check for an Industry Accreditation or for Employment purposes, you can apply as an individual on Intercheck’s Website. The price is at $49.00 including GST for a standard police check.

How long would it take to get the result?

If you applied through the Australia Post, it is stated that you have to allow for 15 working days before contacting the Western Australian Police and it will be done through the online form on the website.
For applicants applying through Intercheck, most of the results will come back 1 – 2 business days and you get an instant notification through SMS and email from Intercheck. If you have not received the result back within 4-5 business days, there is a chance that your application is being manual review by the police.
Note: If you require a National Police Check for Visa or Immigration purposes, you must apply directly through the Australian Federal Police (AFP)



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