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Police Check Express is a secure online application portal designed for individuals requiring a National Criminal History Check for Employment or Volunteering purposes.
For Visa, Citizenship and Immigration purposes, you will need to lodge your application directly with the AFP.

Government Accredited


Employment $49.00
Volunteer $29.00
Hard Copy $5.95

All prices are in AUD and inc. GST. We accept Visa and Master Card

Turn Around Times

80% 1 - 2 business days
20% 3 - 12+ business days

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Result sent electronically with instant SMS alert.

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3.  Provide 100 points of ID.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  How long will it take to process my application?

Once the correct documentation has been provided, 80% of applications are returned within 1 - 2 business days. 20% may take between 3-12 business days or longer – If the Police Checking services need to conduct any further investigations.

  How do I get my ID certified?

Present both your original ID documents and a clear photocopy your ID documents to a qualified witness (refer to website for list). The qualified certifier will sign your original ID documents and then sign, stamp and date your photocopied ID to confirm it is a “true and correct - copy of the original ID”.

  Does my Criminal History Certificate expire?

NO - A National Police History Certificate is current as of the date of issue. As it is a point in time check, there is no associated validity period. It is the organisation's (who has requested the certificate) own discretion to determine what period of time a National Police History Certificate is acceptable. Please check with them directly before applying for a new check.

100 Points - ID documents list

Click below to see the FULL list of Identity documents and how many points each document is worth.

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