‘Manage Checks’ can help the admin to manage the progress of the applications.

Step-by-step instructions:

Manage police checks

 2. There are 4 separate tabs in the ‘Manage Checks’ section

Incomplete: Application has not been submitted to InterCheck’s system.

In Progress: Application is currently being processed by InterCheck.

Attention: Application requires further information for processing.

Results: ‘Police Check Result’ is available to view and download.

manage checks

3. Incomplete Tab: you can resend the invitation if the applicants have not started the application.manage checks

4. Attention Tab: Click on Details to see the reason why the application is on hold

5. Result Tab: You can view the result of the application.

manage police checks

6. If you have many applications and would like to search for a particular application, you can do so by going to Advanced Police Check.

Here you can do a search based on the ‘Reference Number’, ‘Name’, ‘Department’ and ‘Date Range’

Search Police Check