InterCheck Australia
InterCheck Australia

Colour Logo – main Logo

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Simplified box logo

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Simplified box logo

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The Intercheck’s Blue

These are the RGB and HEX values (all for screens), and CMYK values ( for print). We don’t accept any approximations of these

HEX #03547F

RGB 3, 84, 127

CMYK 97, 68, 28, 10

Minor Colour. Please use these 2 colours in consideration. We don’t accept any approximations of these

HEX #22ae5f

RGB 34, 174, 95

CMYK 80, 0, 45, 32

HEX #f2674f

RGB 242, 103, 79

CMYK 0, 57, 67, 5



No images or videos.These add unnecessary file size, and will often show up as attachments. So you can’t quickly search for emails in your inbox with attachments – because they all will!
No Proxima Nova font. Our company typeface isn’t widely installed. If the recipient doesn’t have it (which is just about anyone outside the company), their email client will just use something else.
No colours or formatting. When you reply to emails, the rest of the chain is generally converted to plain text. So we can’t reliably expect these to be displayed.
Get the Email Signatures Format here

Police Check Service provided by Intercheck Australia

We are accredited with the Crimtrac agency, with direct access to the national criminal history database, covering all states and territories of Australia.