Authorised Officer: The person identified in the NPCS Contract who will have the authority to represent the Customer for the purpose of the NPCS Contract.

Authorised Personnel: Any member of staff that have been nominated as “Authorised Personnel” with access to perform activities within the business portal.

Applicants: An individual who provides written Informed Consent to a National Police History Check (NPHC) of their name being conducted, or an individual for whom a NPHC is mandated by legislation


Batch Invited Check: Multiple Email Invitations can be sent at the same time by inputting applicant’s details on an Excel Spreadsheet and uploading it. Suitable for sending email invitations to more than 5 applicants


Consent form: 

Check purpose: 


Disclosable Court Outcomes (DCO) means the record of court convictions and findings of guilt, to which provisions of relevant spent convictions/non-disclosure legislation and/or information release policies have been applied


FOI: Freedom of information


Invited Check: Email Invitation can be sent to one applicant at a time

IC : Informed Consent

ID : Identification Documents


NPHC: National Police History Check

NDCO: No Disclosable Court Outcomes

NPCS: National Police Checking Service


Portal Check: Authorised Personnel can input applicant’s details on their behalf

PC : Primary Contact

POI: Proof of Identity

PHIL: Police History Information Log

Previous name: 


QA: Quality Assurance


Single name: 

Standard Check: Also referred to as Standard Employment Check. This Check type is for paid Employment or Industry Accreditation

SOP: Standard Operating Procedures