100 Points of ID Checklist

Minimum identity requirements, you must provide:

* All documents that make up at least 100 points of ID must be in your current name.

* If one of the documents is under 2 or more different names, then evidence of a name change is required 

(e.g. Marriage Certificate, Divorce Paper, Deed Poll,..). These documents do not count towards the 100 points of ID

* At least 1 form of ID must contain your full name and date of birth.

* At least 1 form of ID must contain your photo.

* Documents that are not in english must be accompanied by an official translation of the document.

Category A: Each Document is worth 70 points


Category B: The first document is worth 40 points, each additional document is worth 25 points

Category C: Each document is worth 25 points

  • Birth Extract
  • Foreign/International Driver’s Licence
  • Proof of Age Card (Government Issued)
  • Medicare Card/Private Health Care Card
  • Council Rates Notice
  • Property Lease/Rental Agreement
  • Property Insurance Papers
  • ATO Assessment
  • Superannuation Statement
  • Seniors Card
  • Electoral Roll Registration
  • Motor Vehicle Registration or Insurance

If you wish to use more than one of these documents, they must be from different banks or organisations:

Special Provision Only to be used if 100 point check above cannot be met

If you have recently arrived in Australia for 6 weeks or less Please provide your current passport and proof of date of arrival (stamp)
Aboriginal people, Torres Strait Islander people or resident in a remote area Please complete the “NPCS Proof of Identity/Verification under the Special Provision in the NPCS Application/Consent Form for Aboriginal people and Torres Strait Islander people Form” and attach it to this document.


Child Under 18: Each document is worth 100 points