InterCheck is one of Australia’s leading providers of ACIC Accredited Criminal History Checks (Also known as a Police Checks). We are accredited under contract with the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) to provide our services to members of the NSW public, NSW businesses, and not-for-profit organisations throughout NSW and the rest of Australia.

Government Accredited

ACIC police check

We are ACIC accredited

(formerly known as CrimTrac)


Employment $49.00
Volunteer $29.00
Hard Copy $5.95

All prices are in AUD and inc. GST. We accept Visa and Master Card


Turn Around Times

80% 1 - 2 business days
20% 3 - 12+ business days

SMS Notifications

Result sent electronically with instant SMS alert.

Intercheck provides a complete online and secure digital service and makes obtaining a Criminal History Check ( Police Check ) as easy and as fast as possible. Our online technology enables us to provide a fast, speedy service, with most checks (70% ) being dispatched to our customers, within 1 business day.

Our online Identity checking technology removes the need to send us any paper-based documents in the post and allows you to complete the entire application online.

Intercheck also has a local support team of experts, who are available for you, providing assistance via phone support, chat or email during normal business hours, so we are able to provide a high standard of support throughout the whole process.

As an accredited provider with the Agency (ACIC), our Criminal History Clearances (commonly known as Police Checks ) are issued as a secure digital certificate and are recognised in NSW and all states and territories of Australia and can be used for:

  • Employment purposes
  • Specific volunteering purposes
  • Student placements

Intercheck accepts online payment via Credit cards.

Intercheck, also provides a business solution, making it easy for businesses or not-for-profit organisations to manage and obtain Criminal History checks ( Police Checks ) in a streamlined fashion for your entire workforce.

For more information contact us via phone or email.

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Is there a Difference between a NSW Police Check and Intercheck?

Like the NSW Police Check, Our Checks also cover court outcomes sourced from all states and territories of Australia, as the database managed by the Australian Criminal Intelligence commission aggregates Criminal History information on a national level. Our certificate provides our own Logo and the official Logo of the Australian Criminal intelligence commission.

Our Checks are accepted Australia wide in all states and territories also.

The NSW police Check is issued by the NSW Police Force. More relevant and updated information can be sourced by visiting the relevant NSW government website.

Why Choose Intercheck

Intecheck has been providing services to businesses and individuals since 2011 and is able to provide an online technology solution that helps to streamline the process and the fast delivery of Criminal History Checks, also known more commonly as police checks.

We have been entrusted by the ACIC with direct access to the National Police Checking Service (NPCS) and play a vital role to help safeguard the Australian community.

Our accreditation can be verified by visiting the ACIC website here.