The reasons why conducting background checks on new hires is insufficient

Performing a background check on potential employees before hiring them is a standard part of…

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Pre-employment Screening Checks are booming in 2017

This article was first published on Pre-employment screening is experiencing a boom phase, with…

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What to do when an applicant refuses to undertake a Criminal History Check?

Employers can only conduct a criminal history check with the informed consent of the individual.…

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How to conduct Police Checks on Potential and Current Employees

Conducting criminal history checks for existing or potential new staff is now becoming common practice…

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How to Judge the Personality of a Candidate in a Job Interview

Looking for the right job candidate can be difficult, but it doesn’t always have to…

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How Police Checks are Used to Keep Society and Citizens Safe

It is the right of every Australian citizen to be safe in their daily lives…

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