Right To Work Demo API Reference


The Intercheck API is used to submit background checking requests and built using RESTful endpoints and standard HTTPS verbs. Here is a quick summary of the existing API:

  • Authentication to the API is performed via Token-based auth.
  • Requests to our API should be made as JSON, except when uploading documents.
  • JSON is returned on all our API responses, including errors, with a consistent structure for all messages. The Response codes are used to indicate the status of the message and any error codes.


The API uses token-based authentication. You will be provided with a token which must be included in the header of all requests made to the API.

All API requests must be made over HTTPS. Any requests made over HTTP will fail.

In addition, to add an extra layer of security, in some cases, Intercheck API uses the Allow and Deny policy to determine the IP request that can access the API.

However, Intercheck provides IP access control therefore, you should provide a specific list of IP addresses.


Standard API error codes are returned in the case of a failure.

There are 2 types of failure: FALSE or TRUE

If there is any error, the system will send the message to the administrator.

Create Vevo Check




Attribute Type Description
token String (Required) API secure token
surname String (Required) Applicant’s surname
givenName String (Required) Applicant’s given name
phoneHome String Applicant’s home phone
phoneWork String Applicant’s Work phone
phoneMobile String Applicant’s Mobile Phone
birthDay Integer (Required) Applicant’s day of birth
birthMonth Integer (Required) Applicant’s month of birth
birthYear Integer (Required) Applicant’s year of birth
passportNo String (Required) Applicant’s Passport Number
passportCountry String (Required) Passport Country. Country Code. Global Value
employerId String Employer ID





error: false

message: New Right to work Created successfully




Miss Parameters: When The parameter is incorrect

The Applicant Email is not valid:When The Format of Email is incorrect

The Token is not valid: When The Secure Token is incorrect

IP Restriction: When request sent from IP that is not defined,

Given Name is required! : When Given Name is Empty

Surname is required! : When Surname is Empty

The Applicant Phone is not valid! : When Phone is not valid

Passport is required! : When Passport   is Empty

Passport Country is required! : When Passport Country  is Empty

The Applicant birthDay is required: When the birth day is missing

The Applicant birthMonth is required: When the birth month is missing

The Applicant birthYear is required: When the birth year is missing

Get Vevo Check Detail by Applicant Email

${base.url}/pce/api/vevoCheck?token=SECURE_TOKEN&applicant= APPLICANT_EMAIL


Attribute Type Description
token String (Required) API secure token
applicant String (Required) Applicant’s email address
id int (Required) Vevo application ref number
status String Application status
firstName String Applicant’s First Name
lastname String Applicant’s Last Name
email String Applicant email
passport String (Required) Applicant’s passport number
country String (Required)Applicant’s passport Country
resultDate Date The date the result returns
expireDate Date The date the visa expired ( if applicable)
grantDate Date Visa grant date
applicant String Primary/Secondary
classification String Visa classification
workEntitlement String Result of the Vevo Check
error Boolean Error code
errorMessage String Error message

Get Vevo Check Detail by Vevo Ref Number

GET ${base.url}/pce/api/vevoCheck/reference?token= SECURE_TOKEN &refno= REFERENCE_NUMBER