This is a secure online application portal designed for individuals requiring a National Criminal History Check in South Australia for Employment or Volunteering purposes.
For Visa, Citizenship and Immigration purposes, you will need to lodge your application directly with the AFP.

Government Accredited

ACIC police check

We are ACIC accredited


Employment $49.00
Volunteer $29.00
Hard Copy $5.95

All prices are in AUD and inc. GST. We accept Visa and Master Card


Turn Around Times

80% 1 - 2 business days
20% 3 - 12+ business days

SMS Notifications

Result sent electronically with instant SMS alert.

National Police Check Covering all States & Territories.

How to apply for Online National Police Certificate

1. Pay Online

Easy online payment via our secure platform.

2.  Complete Online Form

  • Digital Consent (No Printing)
  • Submit Application online

3.  Provide ID

Upload electronically or send via post.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to process my application?

Once the correct documentation has been provided, 70% of applications are returned within 1 - 2 business days. 30% may take between 3-12 business days or longer – If the Police Checking services need to conduct any further investigations.

How do I get my ID certified?

Present both your original ID documents and a clear photocopy your ID documents to a qualified witness (refer to website for list). The qualified certifier will sign your original ID documents and then sign, stamp and date your photocopied ID to confirm it is a “true and correct - copy of the original ID”.

Does my Criminal History Certificate expire?

NO - A National Police History Certificate is current as of the date of issue. As it is a point in time check, there is no associated validity period. It is the organisation's (who has requested the certificate) own discretion to determine what period of time a National Police History Certificate is acceptable. Please check with them directly before applying for a new check.

ID documents list


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