You, the individual customer requesting the police check agree that these terms and conditions are a binding legal agreement between yourself and InterCheck Australia. By submitting a request for a police check you agree that you have read and understood these terms and conditions; and you will be bound by, and will abide by, these terms and conditions.

It is agreed:

1. InterCheck Australia cannot release any criminal history information to individuals without first receiving the required informed consent and the necessary proof of identity (as stipulated on InterChecks website and on the minimum proof of identity requirements checklist) by that individual making the request. These required identity documents either need to be certified by a qualified witness or a self-portrait photograph of the applicant needs to be provided.

2. InterCheck Australia cannot expedite the Police Check process with ACIC, unless the customer provides sufficient evidence of urgent military or medical purposes.

3. Payment and charging:

 3.1 Basis for charging

The Customer agrees that:

a. the Prepaid Fees constitute a credit which will enable the Customer to use the Services until such time as that credit is exhausted;

b. each time the Customer lodges a police check the Customer will be charged against the Prepaid Fees for sending those police checks at the applicable police check cost; and

c. each police check will be charged against the Prepaid Fees as soon as it is entered into the InterCheck Australia Systems and regardless of whether or not the police check has been checked for accuracy.

d. the Prepaid Fees will expire 12 months after the initial date of payment. In the event that the applicant has not completed the application within the 12 month period from the purchase date, the Prepaid credits will expire and a new application will need to be purchased

3.2 Customer must be in credit

The Customer must have paid InterCheck Australia the Prepaid Fees (in clear funds) in order for the Customer to use the Services. InterCheck Australia is under no obligation to provide the Services if:

a. the Customer has not paid the Prepaid Fees to InterCheck Australia; or

b. the Customer’s credit (from the Prepaid Fees) has been exhausted.

4. Refunds

We advise you to choose our service carefully as we do not normally issue refunds if you change your mind or make a wrong decision. In addition to the consumer guarantees enshrined in the Australian Consumer Law, if you place an order for a service, but then cancel it before the service is commenced, InterCheck Australia may choose to provide you with a partial refund after deducting a cancellation fee of $20.00

This policy is subject to the terms and conditions of the Agreement entered into with InterCheck Australia to provide its services.

InterCheck Australia is not required to provide a refund for:

– Any incorrect forms that are submitted;

– Data entry errors that have been made by persons inputting their own details into the application for a criminal history check;

– Cancelled National Police History Checks already submitted to the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC);

– Submissions for police checks that InterCheck Australia is not authorised to process;

– Change of mind after partially or fully completing the application process;

– Selection of the wrong check type and/or reason for check;

– Failure to provide the minimum proof of identity requirements and/or informed consent;

– If 12 months has elapsed since the initial date of payment and/or applicant has not completed the application within the 12 month period from the purchase date.

5. Review

It is agreed that:

You, as the customer will review all your details and required information before submitting them to ensure that the information you have provided is accurate and correct. It is your sole responsibility to ensure the purpose for which the police check is being requested is correct.

Customers must check the details they have entered, either on-line and/or on the application form before submitting their request, as any incorrect information will make the police clearance invalid.

6. Access to your Police Clearance

InterCheck Australia will distribute the results of your Police Check electronically by email to the nominated email address that you provided in “Your Details” at the initial request stage. It is your responsibility, as the individual requesting the check, to ensure a correct, valid email and other optional contact information is provided to us in the “Your Details” section, to ensure your Police Check result is received by you as an individual.