Most major industries in Victoria these days require mandatory criminal background checks. This is so the employers can feel reassured that the individual they’re hiring does not pose any risks to the business or the workplace. It helps them make informed employment decisions.

At your next job interview, make yourself stand out by having your police check ready to go before it’s requested. Show your future employers that you’re  organised and responsible – a great fit for the job. InterCheck Australia can help you do this by providing a simple online application process which will get back to you with results quickly, cheaply, and easily.

Why should you choose InterCheck?

Over 1, 200 organisations, including Job Find Centre, John Beever Australia and, regularly use and endorse our services. Why? Because we offer reliable, fast, and affordable Police Checks, with 80% of submissions returned in under two days.

InterCheck Australia is accredited with the Australian Government ACIC agency, which means we have direct access to the National Criminal History Database. Our National Police Check Certificates are accepted by almost all organisations and companies.

What is the difference if you obtain a National Police Check Certificate from Intercheck and the one from the Victoria Police Station ?

There is no difference between the national police check certificate issued by Intercheck and the Victoria police station. We use the same database as the Australia Federal Police. The only difference is the certificate has been issued by Intercheck will have our logo on the certificate.

What if your results take longer than expected?

When we receive your Application Form we process your application on the same day. Your  information is forwarded directly to the Government Agency in Canberra – the Police Checking Service will then check your information against their various databases – and they then issue the results.  The result is then sent on to you automatically via email or SMS. If your results have not come back within the time frame, this means that you have a potential match with somebody else in the database – with a combination of your name/gender/date of birth. The police checking service then has to manual review your application to make sure that they have the right information to release to the right people.

Need a Police Check today?

Make progress with your job search and police check by getting in touch with InterCheck Australia today! Our online application is easy and simple to use. If you have any problems or concerns, you can call 1300 794 440 to speak with one of our consultants.

Don’t leave getting your criminal background check to the last minute. Let InterCheck Australia help you right now!